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ApodanNordic has since 1962 been a supplier of pharmaceutical packaging to pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, our product range has been adapted and strengthened so that it meets the increasing demands for pharmaceutical packaging and documentation. We call this "Compliance In Packaging".
ApodanNordic products
We work within the development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical packaging. The materials used are glass, plastic, rubber and aluminum. There is always more than 1600 items in stock, and based on this large range of standard items we can supply the complete package, thereby ensuring full compatibility: Rubber stopper, aluminum capsules and injection bottle - screw cap, liner and bottle. Our product range also includes capsule sealing equipment for crimp caps and various paperboards. Developments of packaging for special purposes are carried out in close collaboration with the client.
DUMA pharma containers
Containers for tablets and other regular medicinal products, or for uses for which are the same high requirements regarding quality, pharmacope-approved plastic qualities and registration documentation. For these applications, we are in cooperation with Gerresheimer Værløse able to offer the entire range Duma, which is the market's most comprehensive within a range of unique packaging solutions. The series ranges from 15ml up to 3000ml with the possibility of different lid models. Best known is the Duma Handy Cap, a snap-lid with a seal. But also Duma MG and Duma Twist-Off, with screw caps, respectively for printing and screwing on, have become very popular. They also meet the requirements for child safety and are also available in user- and patient-friendly versions. As a distributor for Gerresheimer ApodanNordic keep DUMAS entire series in stock, which consists of; Standard DUMA series, DUMA Special, Dudek, DUMA MG / Multi-Grip, DUMA Twist-Off, DUMA Twist-Off Q, DUMA Rectangular, DUMA Pocket and the recently launched DUMA Colors.

We have invested in a machine line for the assembly of various packaging components, because of our desire to deliver customized and finished packaging. The packaging components will be packed as desired and possible. If necessary send to irradiation or other external processing according to customer wishes. In this way our customers reduces both delivery times and production costs by using ready-to-use packaging, packaged for use in sterile production.
Contact us for product information and services on packaging@apodanpharma.dk.
ApodanNordic PharmaPackaging offers custom mounting solutions.